Pet Healthcare

Canal Fulton, Ohio

Making sure your pet stays healthy and active for a lifetime is probably your biggest priority for your furry friend. Quality food choices and regular exercise can go a long way in keeping your pet in peak condition, but these don’t replace routine veterinary care from a professional. If you are looking for a qualified and caring veterinarian in Canal Fulton, Ohio, your first call should be to Lake Cable Animal Hospital.

At Lake Cable, we treat your pets like they are our pets. Here you will find a full range of services and an abundance of good advice that will help you keep your pet healthy and extend his life.

Annual well-check visits and vaccinations

Just like people, well-checks for your pets allow for maintaining weight and good eating habits and can catch health problems when they are treatable. While young animals (puppies and kittens) should be seen frequently, adult dogs and cats will benefit from a complete exam at least once a year.

Well exams also provide assurance that your pet is current on all vaccinations. For pets that go outdoors, these vaccinations are crucial for their safety and the safety of all animals with whom the come in contact. However, even for indoor pets, vaccinations provide peace of mind that your pet will stay healthy. Our staff will provide you with detailed recommendations for pet vaccinations in Canal Fulton, Ohio.

Spaying and neutering

Many pet owners ask why we recommend spaying and neutering dogs and cats. While a litter of puppies or kittens can be great fun, the sad fact is millions of cats and dogs are euthanized every year because there simply are not enough homes for them.

Spaying or neutering your pet does more than prevent overpopulation, however. Done at the appropriate age, most pet owners find that spaying or neutering improves the health and behavior of their pet as well as preventing diseases related to a pet’s reproductive system.

At Lake Cable Animal Hospital, we are happy to answer your questions about spaying and neutering in Canal Fulton, Ohio.

Emergency services

We want to hear from you no matter what your question or concern, but when you have an emergency, call us to let us know you are coming and bring your pet in immediately. Our professionals can advise you as to appropriate care, or they may refer you immediately to a specialist.

At Lake Cable Animal Hospital, we encourage you to have a pet emergency plan in the event your pet should be injured or become sick, and keep the following numbers handy in case you have an emergency outside of our hours of operation.

Stark Co. Vet. Emergency Clinic (330) 452-5116
Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital (330) 666-2976
Green Animal Medical Center (330) 896-4040

You want the very best care for your pet. We are here to provide it. For a top quality veterinarian and animal hospital in Canal Fulton, Ohio, call Lake Cable Animal Hospital.

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