Pet Exams

Routine Pet Healthcare Keeps Your Pet Healthy

Just as regular check-ups to the doctor are important for people, routine veterinary care is critical to the health of your pet. In addition to feeding and exercising your pet, other aspects of general care are needed to keep your animal healthy throughout its life. These include regular veterinary care for vaccinations, parasite control, and dental care.

Adult dogs and cats should have a complete examination at least once a year. Puppies and kittens need veterinary visits usually every 3-5 weeks until they are 4 months old. Older dogs and cats, 7-8 years old for dogs and around 9 for cats, should see their veterinarian twice a year or more because illness is more common in older pets and can be treated more effectively if identified sooner.

The American Veterinarian Medical Association (AVMA) emphasizes the benefits of routine care by recommending all pets see a veterinarian annually and more often if suggested by your veterinarian. According to the AVMA, following this advice is the best way to ensure potentially life-threatening conditions are caught early.

What can I expect when I bring my pet in for a well-check?

  • Routine blood panels and health screens
  • Regular Weigh-Ins
  • Listening to the heart and lungs
  • Examining ears, eyes, and the pads of your pets’ paws

Routine animal care impacts the health, quality of life, and longevity of your pet. Contact, Lake Cable Animal Hospital for a recommended wellness program for your pet. Whether you are bringing your animal in for a routine pet examination or a pet emergency, we will treat them as if they are one of our very own.

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