For those who consider themselves “cat people,” this is the month to show those felines some love. December is National Cat Lovers Month, and while some pet owners will say one is either a cat person or a dog person, most agree that cats are special pets.

Cats are generally self-sufficient, independent creatures who enjoy their alone time. They also are relaxing pets who will sit quietly, enjoying cuddle time and showing great love and affection for their owners. While they don’t typically exhibit the energy of dogs, they can be quite entertaining and many breeds love to play.

Bonding time is a big part of bringing out the best in your cat. This month consider making a special effort to get to know your cat better and learn a little more about what makes him or her most content.

  • Purchase a cat tree or choose a new style for your cat. Cats love places to hide for alone time and places to perch for an overhead view or a view out a window. If you have room for a larger piece, choose one with multiple perches and options for climbing and playing.
  • Be sure your cats have scratching posts that they like. Cats can be particular about nearly everything, so you may find one cat likes rope for scratching while another prefers wood. Some may use your carpet or upholstery, so try a few out before settling on just one.
  • New toys, especially those with catnip, will keep your cat interested and active, as cats can have a tendency to get bored quickly. Look for toys that involve interacting with your cat so you can have some quality play time.
  • Use those new toys and a bag of treats to teach your cat some tricks. Yes, cats can learn to fetch and roll over just like dogs. It just takes a little more persistence.
  • You may have noticed that anything new in your house becomes an object of interest for your cat. Take advantage of that curiosity. Create a little gym or obstacle course with items that are “new” to your cat, such as boxes or bags and watch him go!
  • Grooming may seem like punishment for your cat, but if you trim nails and comb your cat regularly, it can be wonderful cuddling and bonding time. Consider making it a weekend routine.

If you have questions about bonding or caring for your cat, contact the team at Lake Cable Animal Hospital today.